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Vitalikov 2008, Dec. 18
Hello! Would like to congratulate to you with coming new year!
Anna 2007, Jun. 21
Hello my nave is Anna, we have met today 21.06.2007 at college, I am impressed, your work is great!!!
Janet Burgess 2006, Sep. 4
I love the website Olga!! You are a great artist, great gardener and wonderful friend. Janet
Troels Palner 2006, Jul. 4
Dear Olga Zakharova, While surfing Google.com, I found your website and I must say I like it very much. I just wonder if you have any interest of exchanging link with our website www.findartinfo.com. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Troels Palner, Director
Vesna 2005, Oct. 2
Hi Olga, would you please send me some informantion to the above address regarding the registration. My daughter is 7 years old and she likes drawing. I phoned you 2 years ago and you recommeneded to contact you later. Please send me everything, time, days, dates and etc. Thanks and regards, Vesna Celic
Alex Alekseev 2003, Aug. 8
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Bob 2003, Aug. 4
Hello Olga Zakharova, I just visited your Web site and found it really good and interesting. As your site is related to the Painter industry, I would like to invite you to become our Link Partner. As you know, one of the key elements that all search engines use in ranking websites is the number of websites that are linked to you, and the relevancy of the content. Directories such as ours are the best sources for links and related content. We also have Premium Listing. Our Premium listing included a 25 words descriptions and Top Placement for only $99.95 per year. Because our premium listing is on a first come first served basis, you can secure your top placement. Please kindly visit us and let me know what you decide. Your Truly, Bob http://www.paintergallery.com
david holland 2003, May. 22
Lovely work Olga!. Would you consider linking to my site at www.davidhollandart.net.nz I have been painting about thirteen years and am self-taught, i have the info. for either text or banner link if you are interested. Kindest regards, and take care, David.
Samuele 2003, Jan. 9
hi i've see your cool menu, where i can find it? u can send to me a copy of it?? :) bye bye Samuele
Simon Blaz 2003, Jan. 1
Privet! Happy New Year! Best wishes to you and your family. Yours Simon (aka Senya).
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